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The Cancer of the Enviroment

By Oana Barbu

We are feeling plently experiences that leaves in our souls deep marks. One of that experiences refers to the river gently flowing by, the leaves rustling with the wind, the birds chirping, the croaks of the tree frogs, the silken grass, the mud who gives a little bit on the river bank, the peace of a spring or summer afternoon in the forest. Suddenly, we feel that a gear is shifting inside us. And we are taking a deep breath and going and suddenly we remember that we forgot something. It’s sad but it is real. The environment crisis is very dangerous, it’s a planetary urgency, but we must not forget that depends of us to save the Planet Earth from the global warming. It’s like a cancer. It starts with a little tumour, some trashes left in a forest. The trashes are carried in a river and pollute it, the river pollute the grass, the air, the animals die because of that and the tumour expands untilour bones and flesh. But always is a cure, a way to escape from that trap. Depends of us. We have plenty arms to combat the global warming. And if I had ten million dollars I would promote the change even I understand that, because of rapacity, laziness, recklessness of some neighbour, I have hardly to fight .

The Age of Consequences

The Earth children could acquaint frequently thunderstorm like Katrina, Rita, Stan, Tammy, Vince, Wilma, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, Zeta hurricanes in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. All is because of global warming. In 2005, many science people emited a theory which showed that because of global warming, the hurricanes became stronger and caused more human and material damages. The first storm af another type bursted in 1930, on european continent. Winston Churchill forewarned the people form the Great Britain that they should prepare for that awful storm, but they didn’t belive it. Churchil couldn’t bear up the cavilers and said: “The age of hitches, of bootless expendients, of illegalities is coming to the end. We begin an age of consequences”. Becouse of the global warming warmed the water and the air become warmer and the atmosphere become full of wateriness. Plenty factors provoked floods. Many people who had their houses flooded went outside to save themselves. Their actions were like an outcome to the picnic through Apocalypse. It was terrific! Forty years ago , the Ciad Lake almost disappeared because annual precipitation diminished. Long time ago, the Ciad Lake was on the six place in the world, but because of global warming, today we can see the twelth part of it. The rest is desert. It’s a global warming paradox because in some regions provoked floods and in another places provoked drought and because of that died a lot of people, plants, animals. In Alaska we can see the “drunk trees” because they bend in the both ways. The wind and the alchool are not the guilties. The frosted ground started to melt because of global warming and this is a strong reason.

Ways to Combat Global Warming

I would like to be a real and strong ecological force, a feminine variant of Captain Planet but I wouldn’t have magical powers, but I would have ten million dollars. The first step will be the information collecting about the causes of global warming. Then I should bring to somebody’s attention, our friends, neighbours, even they aren’t in the right mood. Becouse I am a biology teacher, I could invest during six months a piece of ten millions greenbacks in an environment project like the establishing of some ecological cesspit which includes schoolboys. The obstacle could be the birocracy to approve this project. I could weekly invest a piece of money in some ecological excursions to clean some forests very polluted. So, the school where I had been working, could become an Ecological School and the kids will be very proud. So, we could teach them totreasure the nature. I would buy daily all the products from ecological shops and concerns, to ecourage a healthy thoughtfulness and behaviour about the protection of the whole environment and I would advice the other people to do the same. I would promote some vegetal types of food very nutritious and cheaper. But, not all the people could have enough money for that or not all of them like the vegetables, ecological products tastes. The climatic changes are problems for the whole people from the world. For the governments, the global warming it’s a political affair. So, if I had that money, I could do daily plenty pressures with politiciens by the instrumentality of the press, all kind of mass – media. I would give some money to the journalists to have resources to collect informations about polluting industries and concerns, about politiciens who want to gain money before to protect the environment by the global warming. Many articles could put the politiciens in a bad light because they hadn’t invest or they hadn’t invest enough for the fight against the global warming. Some of them could be stimulate to do something for the environment. The other could get very angry. This initiative could be hardly to accomplish because the politiciens control all the administrative institutes, the all world and I could get some dangerous enemies. Or, I could invest that money in an ecological organization. To create such an organization I need more volunteers. It’s hard to inspire a lot of people, but worth it. I would have spent some money to create a strong recycle industry which can be built in one year, but not all the people are trustly. Another way was to spent some money to create a car industry which couldn’t harm the environment because of the noxes or to make a law that all the people should go to the office, in holidays by bike. But there are plenty malefic interests in car industry. So I think it couldn’t be eliminated all the car industry, but can be diminished. We are run out of time. A lot of evidences show us that if we don’t have quick and deep – seated reactions to combat the global warming effects, our world will confront many frightening catastrophes. Many science people from hundred of countries had been working more than twenty years and they had understood that all the people from the world should cooperate from this moment to stop the global warming!


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