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Another Obsession

By Oana Barbu, wordfreedom

Star illusion, black of moon,
the end of light…

His face is heavy,
he tender leads me!!

I call him and I want him
I call him and I love him,

I want his eyes, his mouth-
I wish to talk to him.

I see him through my dreams,
through infernal silences,
through Heavens of tortures
and ordinary Hells.

I feel him,
he is incessantly fighting in my mind…

I made him my prisoner,
inside of my body
it’s like a drunk mood.

I don’t want to hurt him,
but I feel that I can’t do that, anymore!

I wish to run away, to let him
with my love and all!

And if he adores me and if he doesn’t want to see me
Let him burn!!

Then, he should go down
and we should go together to Hell.

We won’t come back from there,
even we want that…

There are lot of obsessions in Hell,
but none is like mine.

Even I adore him
and even I need him,

He went to Heaven,
so I will let him down.


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