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Arhivă pentru ianuarie 2011

ianuarie 30, 2011


ianuarie 29, 2011

ianuarie 28, 2011

Wedding Dresses for Unusual Women

ianuarie 27, 2011

Are you a young nonconformist woman? Do you want an unforgettable wedding like your spontaneous and fresh character ? Do you want more? Do you want to get marry in times of crisis? You should wear a special wedding dress created from unconventional materials such as plastic, duct tape and even porcelain. How about a […]

Dream Wedding Cakes

ianuarie 27, 2011

We must recognize that the sweetest moment of a wedding is the eatingof bride cake! Especially, children are eager to try it. Delicacy must be chosen carefully to experience a true nirvana of taste and aesthetic. The bride must cut the cake for the guests because in that way the wonderful cake flavor is even […]

Why Should You Buy a Smartphone?

ianuarie 26, 2011


Clever Electronic Gadgets for the Music Addicted

ianuarie 26, 2011

Do you have friends obsessed with music, or perhaps even you’re addicted to music? You can not break the headphones even in the shower? Do you want to wear your favourite and unique music anywhere you go? I have some cool tips for you! MP3 Mirror Your musical secret vice may be repeatedly hidden in […]

Combaterea naturala a cancerului de san

ianuarie 25, 2011

“Cand Dumnezeu a lasat boala, a lasat si leacurile care o pot vindeca”, reprezinta cel mai convingator refren pentru o persoana bolnava de cancer mamar si in general afectata de orice tip de tumora. Castigatorii luptei impotriva bolilor oncologice sunt morcovii si rubedeniile lui. Studiul EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) efectuat in […]

Breast Cancer Can be Cured!

ianuarie 24, 2011

„You have breast cancer” – is a dramatic response that oncologists give to some of their patients. The answer comes after the doctors have already examined the mammographys of their patients. Although, the news has some disturbing , overwhelming effects on the female’s mind and body, breast cancer can be cured! People with cancer need […]

Coolest Electronic Gadgets

ianuarie 24, 2011

Articol Q.B. Do you remember how technology has gradually conquered our lives? Do you remember how we used to watch the football games or to the New Year shows on the little black and white television sets? Or, do you remember how we used to scroll the tapes using only pencils? Do you remember how […]