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Breast Cancer Can be Cured!

„You have breast cancer” – is a dramatic response that oncologists give to some of their patients. The answer comes after the doctors have already examined the mammographys of their patients. Although, the news has some disturbing , overwhelming effects on the female’s mind and body, breast cancer can be cured! People with cancer need to control their anxiety, to think positively and to be informed about ways how to beat cancer.
What is cancer?
The cancer is a class of disease characterized by the existence of a group of cells which have an uncontrolled growth through division beyond normal limits, invasion that intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues. The cancer begins with the formation of smalls dangerous tumors.
Some of them are benign, which means they can be treated and do not invade other tissues. Others are malignant or cancerous. Malignant tumors have the potential to metastasize. This means that this kind of tumors can spread. Such a tumor reaches a certain size and is able to irradiate cells spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system.
Worrying signs
You know that women hate that time of month when their breasts are going through some temporary changes associated with menstruation. The effect of this phenomenon is the possibility for the appearance of nodules.
Although, most of these nodules is not a proof that women would have breast cancer, we should seriously look at them. For example, women may palpate their breasts and if they feel a small surface like a bubble, hardly delimited, painless, adherence in their breasts, they should see the doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical examination for both breasts in order to identify a pit, a withdrawal skin, a
recent retraction of nipples, a sign like „orange skin” or some skin ulcers, or the existence of lymph nodes above the collarbone. These are signs that should give us pause for thought and the doctor will ask for a mammogram. Doctors say all women should do their mammograms once a year.
Disease Causes
Medical researchers have discovered numerous risk factors for cancer . Some are precocious puberty (first menstrual periodbefore 11 or 12 years), late menopause (after 50 or 52 years), the existence of mastopatie , benign breast cysts or tumors in personal history,not having had a child, after 50 years or the fact of having
her first child after 30 years. Other causes are: the irradiation because of having radiotherapy before the age of 30 years, the existence of breast cancer in a first degree relative like mother,sister, daughter, the fact that they already had breast cancer. There are 15% risk of getting breast cancer and other cancer types. Another cause are the genetic abnormalities of p53 genes, BRCA1 or BRCA2.

According to statistics, one woman from eight who could reach to 85 years old , has the disease at some point in life. Lately, due to improved screening procedures half of them survived more than 10 years.


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