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Coolest Electronic Gadgets

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Do you remember how technology has gradually conquered our lives?
Do you remember how we used to watch the football games or to the New Year shows on the little black and white television sets? Or, do you remember how we used to scroll the tapes using only pencils? Do you remember how we were listening music to the scratched vinyl? Do you remember how we were watching to the Van Damme movies using video? Van Damme’s movies seemed for us more precious than Avatar. Nowadays, all these wonderful things were then the coolest electronic gadgets ever.Then, everything have turned into memories and nostalgia feelings.

About the name of the gadget

The gadget has no history. It’s not something that can be found on Wikipedia or any book dedicated. The gadget is a name, a label,not a concept or a specific product. Even more, there must necessarily be a device. Some software applications are also called gadgets ( widgets).What is interesting is that, according to Wikipedia, the word gadget was first used in the literature in the 1800s. Was used, just as I said, to indicate a device for which there is no standard name. Source cited is the book named Dictionary of the English language in 1886 wrote by Spindrift Spunyarn and Robert Brown.
Some would say that the word comes from the name of the company that built the Statue of Liberty: Gaget, Gauthier & Cie. Others say it comes from French, from „gâchette” (small tool or accessory). And as a matter of fact, the first atomic bomb was also nicknamed „the gadget” by cynical scientists who have stained their hands on the Manhattan Project.


Generally, most of us uses this word, “gadget” to call a mobile device receiving a special design. Design and mobility are essential conditions for the devices called gadgets. Gadgets can be a cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, laptop and other devices that meet these two conditions. In fact, the assessment is often subjective and the title of the gadget is assigned even if it is not necessary.
The term gadget actually comes because of the gap left by standard names. Nowadays, appears all sorts of products, each more bizarre, with awesome features and design more fancy. Terminology fails to keep up with them and find an exact and correct name for each one. Here it comes the savior „gadget” label that we apply generously to the left and right. What is a great watch? A gadget. What is an alarm that awakens all the block? A gadget. What is a trash-shaped robotic? Of course, another gadget! In exactly the same vein, the term also applies to mobile gadgets, just because the name „mobile phone” is obsolete and no longer expresses the technical possibilities of the device in discussion.

A Number of the Coolest Electronic Gadgets

I will not refer to the already classic iphone coveted by everyone, but to some inventions „tiny” specially designed for certain niches because XXI century man seems willing to entertain. Gadget makers are competing to give us „toys” for adults like unseen vehicles or chess games or laser equipment capable teleport us in the virtual world.

Laser Checkmate !

Do you think that Classic Chess is expired ? Try Deflexion, a similar strategy game and test your ability to steer a laser beam. The area is divided into squares that are placed prisms in two colors, for every player. These pieces have some matte surfaces, and some type mirror and can be moved according to certain rules. Players in turn triggers one laser beam. When the beam encounters a matte surface, light is removed from the board. The goal is to reach the light beam Pharaoh, essential piece, which is reflected by prism surfaces successively and it means victory.

Dual Touch Screen Laptop

I have already witnessed the launch of super-sensitive screen laptops. What about dual touch screen. It seems that the Italian company V12 Designs has thought about it and will release a new version of Canova, a dual LCD laptop. This time, both screens will be sensitive.
 Lobster Multimedia Device is extremely unique, offering a main unit that comes with other modules that can be cut
 even the main unit and attached to other modules. LCD display, of course, remains the main unit, while the other modules, such as MP3, GPS, hard drive, camera, and could be optionally attached cardiometer.

Guitar Simulator
You have pre-programmed rhythms, step by step study guide and the option to freely clashing.
 electronic drum sticks
 You play the drums without drums, just using sticks. This option is ideal if you don’t want to be evacuated from the block.

Instead you get drum sounds by hitting them, move them into the air and click, click on the buttons, on the sticks to get … sound or rhythm, depending on your talent.

MyKey: If you often leave the car in the hands of your unruly children , you could not sleep well at night when they are away in the city. So Ford will launch MyKey, which uses a chip in the key of the car, because it does not exceed a speed exceeding 130 km / h. The application can also be programmed to limit the volume of your car or out loud noises when the seatbelt is put.
4G Phones: real speed download of most 3G phones do not exceed 384 Kbps and many do not even reach the half. The new 4G phones will transfer data at 100 Mbps and can reach 1 gigabit per second if the device is static. That means you can download a full DVD in a minute. Hydrogen powered phones may be the future technology. French researchers will announce as soon as posible that the hydrogen can power the communication industry, eliminating the need for electricity.

While most manufacturers are still trying to include „everything you can touch”, the designer Kudryavstev Russian Marat has a different idea. He came up with this new „Gadget Comunication”, which can be used on any flat surface. Thin device projects a keyboard on the flat surface of your choice and will be somewhat posible to raise your keystrokes, regardless of the fact that the kitchen table for example, have touchscreen features. Sounds like a cool concept that can not wait to try.
Without having an universally accepted definition, and especially without being strictly related to a particular product, gadget is a mirage and an attraction for everyone. Finally the label matters are less important than the relevance and functionality of the product.


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