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Clever Electronic Gadgets for the Music Addicted

Do you have friends obsessed with music, or perhaps even you’re addicted to music? You can not break the headphones even in the shower? Do you want to wear your favourite and unique music anywhere you go? I have some cool tips for you!

MP3 Mirror

Your musical secret vice may be repeatedly hidden in the response that you have to answer to the call of nature. You could make frequent visits to the bathroom just to hear your favorite song! If besides of your passion for music, you are a little bit narcissistic, obsessed with how you look, you could choose the next invention: Antonio Lupi’s innovation, the MP3 Mirror. The most important feature is that the system is equipped with a diffusion of music with an MP3 Player at the base. All mirrors with steel frames can have this music system affixed to them. You can enjoy the melodious facilities even when lights are off because of the lighting switch Touch LED that makes it easy to locate. Nο data οn price οr availability уеt, even I searched a lot. I empathize with music lovers as I am a victim of its magic, too.
What should be the next surprise inventions? Maybe the experts will come with a water-proof Mini TV pushed up behind our shower or jacuzzi?

Playing Your Shirt!

The last bomb in fashion: instrumental shirts!
Do you want to be in fashion and to impress your girlfriend like a rock star with a song that has come straight from any organ in the top of your body? You may choose the Drum Kit Shirt, the Guitar Shirt and the Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt. Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt puts six-string sounds on your clothing. Sure , you won’t feel the difference between this shirt and a real electronic guitar when you hear them playing.

The guitar plays by waving the included magnetic pick and it can only play all the major chords (each upper and lower bar on the fretboard corresponds to one, with the open position playing E). This shirt it comes with two magnetic pics because all rock stars are restless and engage their body and soul in their music and so they lose picks a lot. This happens while pressing down on specific areas of the fretboard. Like the other two shirts, this one has some amount of electronics attached to the the graphic, the pre-recorded, distortion-laced sounds. The Synthesizer Shirt has a large graphic which helps you to captivate the audience in the subway playing up to eight keys at a time because of 8-voice polyphony and switching between five different sampled instruments. All the instrumental shirts come with a retro-style portable amp box that you can clip to your shirt, belt or pants pocket. You have to put the cable under the shirt, max that volume and you’ll be listen to mad tunes while crossing the streets. All electronic components can be removed for washing. You can have this unconformably shirts from ThinkGeek only for $29.99. If you are three friends who own instrumental shirts, you can gather together to form your own rock band!


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