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Dream Wedding Cakes

We must recognize that the sweetest moment of a wedding is the eatingof bride cake! Especially, children are eager to try it. Delicacy must be chosen carefully to experience a true nirvana of taste and aesthetic. The bride must cut the cake for the guests because in that way the wonderful cake flavor is even stronger . The bride will demonstrate that she will religiously perform her duties as a housewife from her very first practice actions as a married woman. On19th century, namely in 1858, wedding cakes first appeared in the form that we know. From then until today’s, wedding cakes design has gone through many changes, from the Victorian cake style till the modern models that are decorated with your faces.
Vintage sweet
If you want to feel like a princess from the Victorian period,you should choose a very high, with three or seven levels wedding cake. This kind of cake was richly decorated
with fruits. The confectioners were decorating the Victorian wedding cake with natural materials as fresh roses or sugar flowers, marzipan lace and ribbons. You can choose for decorations, pansies and violets because they were the most popular Victorian flowers. Don’t forget your gloves and dress with high collars, your tenderness and worthy smile !
Extreme Delicacy
If you love extreme sports and you met your soul mate jumping from great heights, you can choose a cake in the shape of a parachute and garnish it with toppings, nuts and almonds. Wedding cakes with classic square or heart shape never goes out of fashion, being always elegant and romantic. You can decorate the wedding cake with two funny mascots
that will perfect represent you and your husband.
White or chocolate wedding cakes are no longer fashionable. You should assorted the bride’s cake with the color and the fabrics of the wedding dress or her bouquet. If you organize a beach wedding in Hawaii, is advisable to choose a blue cake decorated with shells and tropical flowers like Orchids, Hibiscus, Passion fruit flower, creating an explosion of colors.

Flavor Challenge
You should choose two flavors for the cake because it’s a shame to have a beautiful wedding cake with an awful taste. You should ask the confectioner to prepare for you a cake made of your chosen flavors. You will taste the cake and so you will make sure that the wedding cake taste is as appetizing as is its design. Chantilly, pineapple, exotic fruit, cherry, mango or orange flavored cakes are in great demand, because of their delicate taste. You should sprinkle rosemary on the cake to keep a lifetime the wonderful memories from your wedding. Brides should wear a gold coin in their shoes for good luck in their entire life.
I do not know what are you saying, but I’m eager to taste my wedding cake with mint and ananas flavor. One last tip! Choose a good music and assorted with the wedding cake! Arranged your lifewith mirth! Good luck!


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