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Wedding Dresses for Unusual Women

Are you a young nonconformist woman? Do you want an unforgettable wedding like your spontaneous and fresh character ? Do you want more? Do you want to get marry in times of crisis? You should wear a special wedding dress created from unconventional materials such as plastic, duct tape and even porcelain.

How about a black dress to emphasize your mysterious and dark side ? I am curious how will fit you a disposable gown dress tailored entirely of toilet paper! You can also wear your favorite dress painted on your skin! Do you think that you have the courage to do this?
Just imagine how you will look! To satisfy your curiosity, I will expose some unique designs of dresses .

In the next picture you have some simple prototypes of paper and toilet paper dresses which you can wear to your wedding and you should feel light as a feather. You can also use alike some note cards for your daily shopping lists.If you are a journalist , you can wear a dress made from newspapers, with more wheels and you can match it with your accessories like a bouquet made of pencils and microphones. In that way, you can write and present exclusive events, on time. It is known the fact that journalists are always in alert.

If you are a greedy person and you can not help it especially for sweets, you can choose a dress of white chocolate or caramel. Still, do not start eating your dress before you get at the altar!

Are you a nudist beaches fan? If you recognize yourself in this description, you can paint your skin with the favourite model of lace. After the ceremony, you can soar into the sea and you’re like new!

Are you an ardent fan of gothic rock bands like My Dying Bride, Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Therion, Lacuna Coil, HIM? You can honor them even at your wedding wearing a satin black dress. You can make your entry to the wedding party sitting in a coffin instead of a princess carriage.

Are you a sensitive person? Do you have some trouble in expressing your feelings?You can choose the dress sensitive to your emotions. This dress is designed by Philips .The dress is a small piece of technology! Imagine how your dress would turned red like some of the traffic signal lights because you are pissed by that dance partner who walked on your foot.

Do you like videos? You can choose the video dress designed by the Turkish designer named Hussein Cahalayan. The dress has 15,000 LED lights that portray videos. The videos shows a time lapse of a rose opening and closing. If you want to be really bright in the wedding day, choose the dress with lights!

If you’re for safer sex, you shoul choose the condoms dress! You will be a striking appearance in a weird way! Do not forget to smile and to wear your bridal veil!


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