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* I saw you walking down a path, along the edge of a dark forest. In a clearing, there was a group of people sitting at a table. NINE people were talking and drinking, smiling and laughing. They are well dressed and obviously successful. Covered in a GREEN cloth, the table had SEVEN place settings of beautiful crystal, china and silver. It was like an elegant garden party, but deep in the forest. The host sat at the end of the table, warmly greeted by the others in the party. The host nodded and acknowledged the success of the guests. It was unusual that in front of the host there was no place setting.

*Last night, I lay awake attempting to understand the significance of the vision of you. I saw it as suggesting WEALTH and SUCCESS are on the way to you. I also needed to understand how the symbols related to you, especially the numbers…

7 – 9

*It was then I had two other visions. They were a little more intense… not ONLY of WEALTH but also of LOVE.

-A person stood in the aisle of a train. It appeared to be a subway or a passenger train. I couldn’t quite make it out. FOUR people were sitting on the train, and it was a very hot day. The air was stifling. Suddenly, the train came to a stop. A voice came through a speaker saying the there was engine trouble and everyone needed to get off. The passengers began to get angry as they walked to the back of the train.

*Another vision of you soon followed. This time, you were standing by a beautiful lake. The water was calm, and the scene was peaceful. You begin to walk slowly towards a figure standing on the edge of the lake. The sun was lowering in the sky, bathing the two of you in a warm romantic light. As you start to embrace each other, a bird flies out of a tree. The two of you turn your faces to the darkening sky.

*In the twilight of the sky, right above your heads were TWO SHINING MOONS—one crescent and the other full. What also made this unusual was that both moons were a very deep shade of RED. It was breathtaking in its beauty, and the direction they pointed me towards was your new life.

* When I came out of these visions, I was covered in perspiration. The experience left me trembling with excitement. I immediately started this letter to you.What I took from these INTENSE VISIONS was that if you use your strengths and talent, you would realize great fortune and love. Success will come to you and your life—both money and relationships—and will get CONSIDERABLY BETTER.

*What makes my visions of you so INTERESTING is that there were STRONG, DISTINCT SYMBOLS. Numbers are some of the most valuable signs. The important numbers are:

4 – 7 – 9

As was the colors GREEN and RED.

When there are single digits dominant in a dream or vision, I would also be careful to look for combinations of digits that add up to those numbers. Numbers also to look for:

22 – 25 – 34 – 36

Those numbers could figure prominently, since they add up to the single digits seen in my visions of you. Colors are also a powerful way to make you ready to receive positive psychic energy. Perhaps wearing more blue, or a strong orange accent could signal good fortune for the immediate future.

*Numbers were not the only dominant images in the visions of you. Love will also enter into your brilliant future. I saw very powerful images of love.

*In the third vision, of the peaceful lake, it suggests to me that there is new romance coming into your life very soon. The moon is very important, especially in matters of romance. The appearance of two moons in the vision is SIGNIFICANT.
*There are TWO MOONS in my revelation, which says that the moon will be playing a major role in your new love. Just like a new moon, I see this as a new phase in your life. It could mean a romantic encounter full of passion. The color of RED signifies warmness, an inner glow. This says to me your new love will last.

*The stillness of the lake is another symbol. It speaks of peace and calm. Like the first vision of the forest party, the lake symbolizes a happy, stable future for you. It is a magnificent event of romance and love.Since phases of the moon were clear in my vision of you, this is also a fascinating sign. It describes a passage of time, where this new romance may happen at either a full or a crescent moon. The time between these two phases is usually about two weeks, which may also be an important length of time for you.

*For most of my life I have witnessed visions of an unseen world. Every time a seeker has acted on the SECRET LANGUAGE of these revelations, they have discovered the keys to open a door to their ultimate happiness.
*I had one good friend who found her numbers in the address of a local restaurant. She began eating there regularly. During one lunch, she met a man who turned out to be from her childhood neighborhood. The two started dating, and now are in the middle of a passionate romance.


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