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Arhivă pentru martie 2011

martie 31, 2011



martie 30, 2011

martie 28, 2011

Partizan and Madame Hooligan

martie 27, 2011

Great party last night! I saw Partizan in Bar Hand from Iasi! Artanu si Razvan Moldovan (founding member of the group Timpuri noi”- „New Times”) had a lot of good energy and a good communication with their fans. Razvan thrown in the public his microphone, he broke his guitar strap. The audience was in ecstasy! […]

martie 26, 2011

martie 25, 2011

Si ai putea avea totul Imperiul meu de noroi O sa te dezamagesc O sa te ranesc

martie 18, 2011

You were running towards a figure in an open field of brightly colored wildflowers. The look in your eyes was of burning passion. As you approach the other person, the two of you embrace. It was as if you were reunited after a long absence. It was obvious to me that you were in LOVE. […]


martie 17, 2011

martie 17, 2011

martie 15, 2011