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You were running towards a figure in an open field of brightly colored wildflowers. The look in your eyes was of burning passion. As you approach the other person, the two of you embrace. It was as if you were reunited after a long absence. It was obvious to me that you were in LOVE.
Next, you were standing in a field of tall grass. While looking down, you began pointing excitedly to several pieces of jewelry. Gold and diamonds covered the ground. You had a wonderful brightness in your eyes and a wide smile on your face. You have just become VERY WEALTHY.
I saw you sitting in a lavish office, behind a large desk. Your name was on the door, lettered in gold. It was clear that you were running the show, and that people respected you and your opinion. You were sipping from a cup, dressed impeccably. The look in your eyes was of complete satisfaction.
The last image was of you running in a race. You looked fit and healthy, with a glow that made you appear years younger than your age.


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