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Partizan and Madame Hooligan

Great party last night! I saw Partizan in Bar Hand from Iasi! Artanu si Razvan Moldovan (founding member of the group Timpuri noi”- „New Times”) had a lot of good energy and a good communication with their fans. Razvan thrown in the public his microphone, he broke his guitar strap. The audience was in ecstasy! Even if he is the eldest of the band members, band leader, Razvan proved much energy. Proof: a very high jump and had turned his feet in the air. The public has confirmed: „The older people were able to make the greatest show!”Andrei Robin Proca (the vocalist from the band „Robin and the Backstabbers”, one of my favourite bands), who plays the bass guitar was dressed very trendy and did juggle bass guitar, and has shown his power to keep his balance standing on one foot and having embraced the guitar to his chest. Even if the Romanian National football team lost the match yesterday in the favor of the football team from Bosnia, Razvan and Robin „were not intimidated” as they said and played a cover after Nine Inch Nails – „Hurt”, Johnny Cash’s version. The audience was simply mesmerized, and I was electrified ! I was the only one who recognized the song and knew Nine Inch Nails song lyrics. It has been a „Perfect!” show! While I was listening to the cover, I thought to the band Madame Hooligan’s „Hurt” and I felt very sorry that I failed to hear their cover sustained on Thursday in the bar „The Ark”. If it had not been my boss and my job… I can not wait to see you again, my dearest friends from Madame Hooligan!


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