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Hot Rods, True Works of Art !

by Oana Codruţa on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 23:33

Do you like speed disguised in a colorful vintage body? Are you able to give up life’s little vices: buying the latest smartphones, having exotic trips to places such as Thailand, Hawaii, Harley Davidson motorcycles? Are you passionate about cars anatomy and want to process the forms even 20 years to give perfection? Then surely your heart yearns for a Hot Rod!

What are Hot Rods?

True Hot Rods were old cars, especially Ford from 1928-1931,1932-1934 years and the models were called Model TS, AS, BS and completed several models finished in S. The first changes were related to weight reduction, the elimination of convertible tops, hoods, bumpers. Another change was the channeling the body. The engine tuning was replaced with a stronger type and the wheels and tires improved traction and handling. Through 1950 , people did not know and didn’t feel the true artistic value of Hot Rods. Often, when they told Hot Rod, they depreciated any car that did not fit the mainstream. Other changes seen in Hot Rods have been: improving the appearance and avoiding the creation of a dozen cars.

Hot Rods owners applied one drop of creativity and paint on the car body, drawing surprising shapes more or less bizarre . Through the ‘40-‘50-‘60 years, the most popular cars often involved Hot Rods with flathead Ford engine , also called „flatty”. This type of engine was assembled in a different chassis (frame stiff resistance and is supporting mechanical and bodywork) . Also, another popular choice in ‘40 years, involved fitting an eight cylinder (V8) engine from Ford,called „60 horse” in a Jeep . From ‘50 –‘60 years, the Ford engine was dethroned by the eight-cylinder engine from Chrysler. This type of engine was remembered as the Early Hemi.

This first category solved the overheating problems. The engine had hemispherical combustion chambers. Gradually, Early Hemi had been replaced by Chrysler RB engine in 1959 .

Between ‘70 –’80 years, Chevrolet V8 engines joined the Hot Rod trend and were ubiquitous at that time. Nowadays, famous companies as Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen are competing to give us jewels on wheels. One example is the little musclecar Mercedes B55 AMG created in 2010 and this year is in top. This car has a high performance and achieves 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and its speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h, but unfortunately, in that moment is not on sale. Hot Rods are very expensive and their price is almost 30000 EUR. However, Hot Rod enthusiasts should not be discouraged if they want to gain the lead in traffic! I wish them to have pleasant trips!


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