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Here I Am-Scorpions

Land of the Morning Star is according to a quick google search an island in the region near Malesia called West Papua. I found a link that described the 250 different languages spoken and colonial wars fought over there.

Of course, when Land of the Morning Star is broken down to pieces, Morning Star would be Lucifer decending from heaven and coming to planet earth…

Further interpretations as mentioned above are irrelevant. „Land of the Spiked Mace”? „Land of the Planet Venus?” ^^

The biblical references are very clear in this song. Sometimes a bit more cryptical than others. „Promised land” is the one standing out the most.

„Finding your place in the eye of the storm” is about balance, neither be swept right or left, up or down.

„Seek the roses along the way, just beware of the thorns” could be a forbidden fruit reference, otherwise it would be a passage from the Bible; 1 Tess 5; 17 „Test everything. Hold on to the good.”

First couplet is a more like warning so we can prepare, it will be hard, but if we follow our hearts it will turn out right.

Definitely the most passionate and beautiful song from Scorpions. Never thought that Germans had more than Slagermusick until I heard Scorpions ^^

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The line about the rose and the thorn is a reference to Shakespeare.

This album’s cover was nearly identical to an album cover by Black Sabbath which relied heavily on Biblical references, but was also talking about many different things in their music.

Why the two bands used the same album cover is something neither one has (to my knowledge) ever spoken about.

While the verbatim lyrics might indicate Biblical roots, that’s intentional. Superficially yes, they’re references to the Bible. Each of these songs (on both albums) does so, but none of the songs is actually *about* the Bible.

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