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Little criminal poem

A little poem about the „crime” from Friday… :)) With all my love 🙂 Insomniac, after a Cuba Libre,/I’m trying to find my destiny! /And I spied into my narcoleptic eyes/ An invitation for which my ambition guaranteed!/ Among the many passions that arose into my heart,/ Only ♥ MADAME HOOLIGAN ♥ messed me up!/ Injecting in my veins a dose of optimism and spiritism,/ I had a lucid dream that on the 1’st July, B’ESTFEST will open the gate for me /And together with ♥ MADAME HOOLIGAN ♥ will quench my appetite! :)Enjoy!:D
by Oana Codruta Barbu And I wish to all of you be surrounded by a mandala of light!;)


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