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Enjoying champagne alone. Who wants to join me?I’m celebrating „International Education Day ” and those 29 years and three days. I reached to a conclusion: I am allergic to human grime! My stance is sad that my allergy to human grime is reflected on my skin, my so delicate, white and silky skin … And in my heart …my poor pacifist and idealist soul …

However, I am not suitable to be a saint, a martyr … I’m best suited to bring out all that is best in people … Unfortunately, my power is limited to those people that brings highly praised in the state of sin. Because they are supported by me, appreciated and its look that they fall in the statute of devil bondage of pride sin … And I understand that there is only one fine line of separation between the holy state and to the devil state … I can not believe how people can change over night! …Their mask of guilelessness breaks on the touching of an exaggerated belief in achieving good about them … Unfortunately, there are many naive people who feed this secondary reaction. I do not know where I’m wrong! The reaction would have been right if at least I had evil intentions! I am the only one who lost! It’s not fair! But soon things will balance out or Someone will help me balance the situation! Any cause has an effect! Boomerang law! I am so happy that the law is there!I’m glad I sleep smoothly, unlike others who often suffer from insomnia because of their guilty conscience!I hope their guilt swallow them! Human garbage!


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