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Arhivă pentru Martie 2013

Motley Tulip, An Endangered Species

Martie 24, 2013

In “Pãdurea Mãrgãritarului”, near Târgu Jiu Romania, in May, the miracle of nature lives only seven days or less because  some people  steal  the rare flowers to sell them for a few money. Their name is „Flowers of Chess” or Motley Tulips. A Miracle Of Seven Days For its beauty, Motley Tulip is broken abusive […]

Edelweiss, a Collapsed Star

Martie 24, 2013

A Rare Flower            Over 380,000 species of plants from around the world are endangered due to overexploitation and pollution caused by people.  The scientist found  in Romania  3.700 rare species of plants and in present  23 are monuments of nature.One of them is such a herb called Edelweiss.  We  can find in Romania on […]