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Citat cu tâlc

ianuarie 29, 2012

„Copilăria este inima tuturor vârstelor.” Lucian Blaga Reclame

Another Sad Story

ianuarie 10, 2012

I loved you from the first day, when you entered the maze and you get up in the winners rostrum. You did not know what power you had on me and you started to sing your symphony. Each note was like an avalanche collapsed in my soul and every roll of notes made ​​my heart […]

Soul Alchemy

iulie 27, 2011

I am as silk, just my soul slips around the house. Leave out any hope, any tendency to label, you who enter the below labyrinth. I am „spicy”, not sweet. The sweetness is just one aspect of my infinite personality prism. The demonic and angelic pieces get new forms, new iridescents of emerald, ruby​​, topaz, […]

Little criminal poem

iunie 28, 2011

A little poem about the „crime” from Friday… :)) With all my love 🙂 Insomniac, after a Cuba Libre,/I’m trying to find my destiny! /And I spied into my narcoleptic eyes/ An invitation for which my ambition guaranteed!/ Among the many passions that arose into my heart,/ Only ♥ MADAME HOOLIGAN ♥ messed me up!/ […]


iunie 14, 2011

Oh, I’m missing the sweet caress Of a rebelious and swift wave Which takes the sufferings of a loncsome soul During the mistery of the delicate night! During the blowing of one reflection, The light of moon embraced me Like in the spell of one dream. And my locks were unbraid in the wind. It […]

octombrie 4, 2010

D474, 1N7R-0 21 D3 V4R4, 574734M P3 PL4J4 0853RV4ND D0U4 F373 70P41ND 1N N151P, 151 D4D34U 53R105 1N73R35UL C0N57RU1ND UN C4573L D3 N151P CU 7URNUR1, P454J3 53CR373 51 P0DUR1. C4ND 3R4U P3 PUNC7UL D3-4 73RM1N4, 4 V3N17 UN V4L, D157RU64ND 707UL, R3DUC4ND C4573LUL L4 0 6R4M4D4 D3 N151P 51 5PUM4…. M-4M 64ND17 C4 DUP4 4747 […]

Mi-a ruginit sufletul!…

februarie 16, 2010

by Oana Barbu Îmi tai venele dorinţelor cu zimţii lamei realităţii. Din vene nu atârnă nici măcar un strop… Mă lovesc în piept… Sună prelung metalic şi a gol… Pitită pe antebraţe , mă târâi în cutia mea de carton mânjită de sângele incolor, cu miros înţepător al amintirilor. .. Strigoii literelor din jurnalul meu […]